Janus smirked, trying to predict the story he is about to hear, typically about pseudo Scrum projects.
The next day brought us a surprise – the customer has decided to participate in our Meeting.
The day seemed to be tranquil, cause we knew that Laboratorix board shall be pleased.
GORM 24h Race has ended. One of the participants was Marcel Kasprzak, Managing Director in NeuroSYS.
We wrote about Marcel Kasprzak's passion before. Our Managing Director is now taking part in GORM 24h RACE competition. Event starts on 19th August. Contestants are going to ride in 24h race in Olszyna.
In NeuroSYS's office in Wroclaw we have guests – interns. They will be working on an unusual project in the coming weeks.
It's happening now! We are preparing for the relocation.
Not only big, but also small companies should function with a strategy, dividing the tasks between departments. There are systems which can improve work in companies.
NeuroSYS is flying high – thanks to Tomasz Kowalczyk and his passion.
We had joined the specialists from Acquia.com, who deliver support for Drupal. NeuroSYS is one of five Polish companies with that achievement.
Gamification is becoming more and more popular. It’s an interesting trend, which engages users. One of the products made by NeuroSYS is an application, combining both m-commerce and gamification.
Drupal 6 won’t be supported anymore. For many corporations using this CMS it’s time to choose: secure additional support for the old version or upgrade to the newest ones.
IT departments are responsible for supervising the systems and all the computer-aided processes. Outsourcing is a good alternative to the specialist in the company. It’s important to choose the right solution, matching the business needs.
NeuroSYS’s specialists had taken up another challenge. They made a web application, which enables the customer to manage the employees training courses without using the Internet thanks to innovative technology.
Mobile applications are modern solutions widely used in business. Software accessible on portables is getting more and more popular nowadays. Dedicated IT solutions give the opportunity to adapt the app to client's expectations and consumer's vision.
Hello English-speaking society!

We would like to introduce something new on our website. The major part of our Blog has been translated into English language so our articles now are reachable for greater variety of people...
NeuroSYS and racing? Definitely so!

One of our managers, Marcel Kasprzak, beside his IT related passion, has yet another hobby. It is rally racing. After participation in Kia Lotos Race, which is a 5 thousand kilometres long race to Mauretania as well as many other races our Business Development Manager became involved in a new project. Together with his friends he built a new vehicle, Picanto Kitcar, nearly from the scratch. NeuroSYS supports motor car sports and has taken patronage over the new racing car.
Is outsourcing profitable? Let’s check.

What is outsourcing in short? A cost reduction taking place asides a simultaneous quality increase and company focus on strategic activities, which make it stand out among competition.

The most significant expenses are those related to employment, because, naturally, job downsizing is related to the decrease of sums required for remuneration, retirement, annual leave and social provisions...
E-Learning system – the future of science?

E-Learning is gaining increasing respect; it becomes a place of gaining new skills and running in-company trainings. Example? At NeuroSYS, instead of bringing in an OHS specialist each and every time to carry out obligatory training when a new employee has been hired, we order an OHS course online. It is faster, cheaper and more effective.
Why should you choose Poland as an IT services provider?

According to the article published on one information site, over 90 percent of companies providing IT services in Poland plan to increase employment within the next few years. We belong to those 90 percent with our recruitment continued nearly from the beginning of our presence on the market. This trend shows the dynamic development of the sector, the continuous employee market trend and about the shaping of the specialisation of our economy towards such services provision. It is particularly visible in Wrocław, the Polish Silicon Valley of IT companies, where the number of the industry enterprises is calculated in three digit numbers.
Under the EU directive 2008/43 / EC and 2012/4 / EU, all companies dealing with explosives are obliged to provide complete identification and traceability of stored and used materials as of 5th April 2015.
The demand for internet applications is still on the rise

Polish entrepreneurs’ interest in software in the cloud increases. The research by the PMR Research institute shows that web applications are used by 64% of companies in the SME sector.
NeuroSYS places their bets on young people, who are passionate about programming and modern technologies. Apart from recruiting experienced developers we value highly people, who are only at the beginning of their career at the IT industry. We have prepared a program of job training of 160 hours for students and graduates.
Our website remained unchanged since the beginning of our operations, it was the same age as the company. Since then a lot has changed; a cramped office was replaced with a spacious and sunny one in the town centre, the number of employees and projects is on the rise, and effectively – satisfied clients too.