Shared thoughts on tech, management, and how to make the most out of these two.

When development becomes painful and time-consuming the debate over “what to do now?” starts. Fueled by developers’ claims “the code is a mess”, “we can’t work with the legacy code”, “let’s rewrite it” from one side, and the business trying to solve the issue less dramatically - from the other, the discussion seems to be never-ending. This blog post will guide you through potential pitfalls while deciding whether to improve the existing code (by refactoring, running unit tests etc.) or rewrite it from scratch.
Bringing together people to work on the same project from different locations is becoming a common practice. But distance and lack of physical connection take its toll and may bring impediments to the workflow. After 7 years of experience in setting up distributed teams using Scrum, we cut our teeth on the possible pitfalls and collected several rules to make things work...
If you think of technology giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco etc., as only examples of desired workplaces, you see only the tip of the iceberg. The meaningful employee engagement can be created by companies of any size and cash pile. It is an approach, not an investment. Here are few ideas that we came to...